Lenovo’s Smart Clock — Google is uniting with Lenovo to compete against Amazon’s Echo

Google and Lenovo’s tiny smart display is perfect as an alarm clock.

Lenovo’s Smart Clock — Google is uniting with Lenovo to compete against Amazon’s Echo

Google is slowly catching up to Amazon in the race of smart home devices with its several third-party displays and Google’s own Home Hub. Now in this list of devices, Google has added a new device —Lenovo’s Smart Clock. A year after launching its first smart display, Google is now back with Lenovo to bring some back Google Assistant into a smaller package. Basically, it is a smaller version of its smart display that features Google Assistant.

The smart clock is designed to tell you the time and wake you up in the morning, but it also does a whole lot of other things, such as it can charge your devices and play music. Additionally, the device can set up with a Google Assistant Routine specifically for sleeping, so your devices go on silent mode or turn off with a simple voice command.

The device features a four-inch touchscreen and a fabric cover that looks basically identical to the material used on the Google Home Mini. It also has some neat customizable clock faces. The smart clock featuring Google Assistant will costs $80, and it’s scheduled to start shipping this spring.

Last year, Google added the ability to set music alarms with Google Assistant, but the US tech-company is moving fast to compete with Amazon – Echo and lock customers into its smart home ecosystem.

Google suggests its users that if you own a Chromecast and a Google Home, you might just consider buying Google Assistant smart products to fulfill all of your other needs. The smart clock will fulfill all other basic needs and making Google Home Hub a complete smart home set.

The strategy to put AI all around your home space was first adopted by Amazon with its “Alexa everywhere” approach. But now Google is beginning to place its mark in the Smart home devices due to profound integrations between its hardware and the products of its partners — the Google Assistant, and the Android operating system.

While there’s a big market for smart clocks is kind of beside the point. Amazon released its own Echo Spot alarm clock back in the late 2017, and it’s since expanded its own Alexa lineup to include a minimalist wall clock that displays timers. To keep up, Google needs it’s Assistant to continue expanding its tech, even if the standard consumer won’t really use it for much more than setting alarms, checking the time, and playing music.


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